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As the global major supplier specialized in silica (white carbon black), Quechen Silicon Chemical Co., Ltd., located in New Material Industry Park, Xishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu province, is the 1st enterprise manufacturing silica with full industrial chain. So far, a full industrial chain has already been formed from sulfuric acid and sodium silicate as raw materials to silica as end product.


Quechen is one of the main manufacturer of low polymerizing / high dispersion silica dedicated for green tire (FE tire,low rolling-resistance tire, UHP  tire, etc.), and also main manufacturer of silica for animal feed additives.


Quechen has set up Operations Center in Wuxi and Shanghai, and owns two subsidiaries and one branch: Wuxi Tovo Chemical Power Co., Ltd., Anhui Quechen Chemical Co., Ltd.and Wuxi New Materials Technology Research Institute.


Quechen is China Precipitated Silica Industry Standards Drafting Unit (HG/T3061-2009), China Silicide Industrial Base in Wuxi, national key Hi-Tech enterprise and Jiangsu Hi-Tech enterprise, Jiangsu Province Inorganic Silicide Engineering Technology Research Center.


Since the first environmentally protection& dustless silica production line was put into operation in Year 2005, Quechen Wuxi base has already reached an annual capacity of 180,000 mt silica , including 140,000 mt for low polymerizing & high dispersion type. Annual capacity for  sulfuric acid is 300,000mt. In Year 2013, Quechen Anhui base will possess an annual capacity of 150,000mt for sodium silicate. And its first low polymerizing & high dispersion silica line with 70,000mt annual capacity will be put into operation in March,2014. In the near future, Quechen will accomplish the overall annual capacity of 500,000mt for silica and 560,000mt for sodium silicate.


Green and sustainable development is a primary responsibility of Quechen. “Q&C®” and “Newsil®” branded series of LPS&HDS silica already became important innovative product in the market.It helps to reduce vehicle tire rolling resistance, and increase environmental,consumers’ safety and economical benefits. In the meanwhile, it made contribution to realizing the sustainable development of automobile industry.  “Q&C® and Newsil® are the only silica (white carbon black) brands recommended to rubber companies by China Rubber Industry Association. Now, Quechen has already established favorable cooperation with quite many globally well-known tire enterprises.


Through energy efficiency, emission reduction and resources recycle, Quechen implements green and sustainable development concept in the overall production and operation process. Quechen uses waste heat from sulfuric acid making process to produce steam, and generates electricity by turbine generator. Without increasing any energy consumption, the extra steam generated per year by the low-heat recovery devices is just the equal of reducing 20,000mt of carbon dioxide emission every year. For this, China Petroleum and chemical industry association (CPCIF) rewarded Quechen the title of “China Petroleum and Chemical Environmental Protection Advanced Unit in 11th Five-Year Plan”.


Quechen integrated original R&D center and invited globally famous experts as chief scientists. 3% of annual sales turnover is invested as research and innovation fund.  30 millions RMB was spent as 1st phase investment to establish “Quechen Silicon Chemical Co., Ltd. Wuxi New Materials Technology Institute”, abroad experienced experts respectively as dean and Application & Development head. This institute already possesses 3 research centers (Technological Equipment, Environmental Care and New Product Development) and 3 labs (Physical, Chemical and Central Lab).